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Ecological problems - True crisis of humanity

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1Ecological problems - True crisis of humanity Empty Ecological problems - True crisis of humanity on Sun Jun 17, 2012 10:44 am


If we consider Earth as our only home then we must acknowledge the great irony of the modern world, irony that reveals itself in vast number of ecological problems. Every way you look, starting from your own town you live in, and all the way to the ice sheets of Antarctica and vast deserts in Africa you can see one pattern that is repeating itself-ecological problems.

Ecology is something that always ends up second best, always behind economy and our need for money and power. We don't appreciate not even our planet, and Earth doesn't really revolve around the sun, it revolves around money. Ecology is always secondary, and can only survive once and when economy says so, and this happens very rarely.

So far we only followed industrialization and other similar ways on how to strengthen our economies and ecology has simply vanished out of our sight. But now ecology is keep coming back, only this time showing much scarier face, face with so many scars from so many different ecological problems.

We live in the time of the worst crisis in the history of humanity. So many people in this world live in hunger and poverty, but we try not to look at them and their problems. As long as we have enough for ourselves, we are not worried with other people problems, and though we have enough, we are always hungry for more. This uncontrolled hunger for more is the main reason why the word ecology is today used only in negative context. Our greedy nature of always wanting more has put aside ecology and environment in the name of progress and almighty dollar.

Situation is so out of the control that major ecological problems like global warming are still not taken seriously, and on the other hand there is complete chaos because of skyrocketing oil price. It is the sad ecological reality we are living in. We know that we are doing so much harm to our planet, and yet that doesn't seem to be bothering us too much. List of ecological problems gets bigger by the day, and the impact of leading ecological problems (climate change and global warming, pollution, endangered animals) is only getting stronger and stronger.

To really make difference you need to have politics on your side, and politicians are only mentioning the word ecology before their election when they are in need of votes, while after all gets forgotten. Our countries need more fuel, more energy, more resources, but apparently no environment protection. In 1990 for World peace day, Pope John Paul II said in his message: "The gravity of the ecological situation reveals how deep is the human moral crisis". And this was almost 20 years ago.

Ecological problems are today far more serious than ever before, and we simply have to do more than hope that these problems will simply go away after some time. Hope won't be sufficient this time around, mainly because these problems now occur on global level. Global ecological problems require global action, action of the whole world. Can this happen?

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