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Why is ecology important to our society?

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1 Why is ecology important to our society? on Sun Jun 17, 2012 10:30 am



Ecology is important to our society because it gives us an insight into our environment and the interconnection between all living species. This interconnection of all living species is the main foundation block on which the science of ecology is built on. It shows us that every species count, no matter how small and insignificant it may seem.

One of the main concepts in ecology is the concept of biodiversity. Earth's biodiversity is one of the main things that enable our survival on this planet because we can't survive alone (animals and plants are not only main source of our food but provide other valuable resources and keep our environment healthy).

Ecology primarily focuses on ecosystems because they are the ones that sustain every life-supporting function on the planet. They not only provide us with food but also regulate climate, water filtration, soil formation, erosion control, etc.

Ecology is today engaged in heavy battle with industry, a battle in which ecology is regularly on the losing side. Environmental protection is often inexistent or inadequate and this is the main reason behind this large number of ecological problems our world is facing today.

Climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution, deforestation - these are all serious ecological problems that could produce devastating impact on our entire society if world continues under the business as usual routine. Climate change looks to be the most serious ecological problem of our time and yet the world leaders are reluctant to do something effective against it.

What is more important, our industry or our environment? How much are we ready to sacrifice our environment in order to boost our industry? And what's the use of all the money in the world when you have nowhere to spend it?

The natural environment is our own environment and we must become aware of that before it's too late. We must think about our children and grandchildren and the heritage we will leave to them.

Our moral values are easily forgotten when money is one the table. The current environmental crisis is the crisis of our conscience and our moral and our society must start setting its values straight because time is running out.

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